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SGS People: Spotlight on Stuart McMahon

Stuart McMahon is a Principal Smart Grid Engineer at Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS). During his time at SGS, he has designed and commissioned multiple DERMS systems in the UK and North America. He received an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems from Loughborough University, UK and a BSc in Information Technology & Telecommunications from University of Limerick, Ireland.


Tell us a little about your background?

I’m from Ireland and completed my undergrad in IT & Telecommunications at the University of Limerick. After my undergrad I worked in the IT industry for a number of years before taking some time off to work and travel across Asia and Australia. During this time I grew an interest in our environment and on return home I started a Master’s in Renewable Energy Systems in the UK. Following this I worked in Power System protection, designing substation communication and protection schemes before joining SGS in 2015.

What motivates you about your work with SGS?

We are a company on the cutting edge of the energy industry with a mission on improving the electrical grid while also helping our environment. Within a small team, I get the chance to work with large utility companies to design and deliver innovative projects across the UK and North America

What do you like best about working at SGS?

First and most important, I like the people I work with. Not only are they fun to work alongside but they are also excellent engineers who I can solve problems with, deliver high end solutions and learn from everyday.

What has been your biggest achievement so far at SGS?

I have been lucky to get the opportunity to work on many exciting projects at SGS in both the UK and USA.
In the UK, I deployed our first ANM Strata platform in the Shetland Islands, this consisted on working with multiple wind farms and the world’s first offshore tidal array.
I moved to our New York office in 2018, during this time I have commissioned SGS’s first live ANM Strata system in the US, currently controlling 2 x 1MWh/1MW lithium Ion batteries in New York City. Recently I have also commissioned and deployed the first Flexible Interconnect scheme in the USA, controlling and managing 3x5MW solar farms in upstate New York.

What are your hopes for the clean energy sector in the coming months and years?

In order to transition our electric grid to clean energy resources, the energy sector needs to modernize and evolve how our energy system works. I’m looking forward to seeing how our utility companies embrace this change utilizing the smart technologies that can make this transition a reality.

Looking forward, what impact are you hoping SGS will have?

Smart grid infrastructure is the key to evolving and expanding green energy resources. SGS has the technology and the expertise to help drive this change forward and I hope we continue to do so…