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Nivvi Pilla, Smart Grid Engineer, Q&A

Nivvi Pilla joined Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) in November 2022 as a Smart Grid Engineer and is based in Glasgow. Nivvi is currently working on projects with our customer, Scottish Power Energy Networks.

What inspired you to work in clean energy?

I have always wanted to contribute to society in a positive way. Working in oil and gas for over 10 yeas has made me realise the impact of that fossil fuels have on the planet. Also, the campaigns, news, and talks about clean energy and clean environment have made me think about it. Joining SGS gives me the opportunity and platform to fulfil my vision of contributing towards reducing global warming and creating a clean and zero carbon emission future for society.

What do you enjoy most about working at SGS?

At SGS I enjoy my work. I also like socialising with my colleagues when I am in the office. Flexibility is one of the best benefits that SGS provides, it is the most important thing nowadays. You can have a perfect balance of professional and personal life whilst working alongside a great team.

What does a typical day at SGS look like for you?

On a typical day at SGS, I am working on my assigned project. I choose to go into the office everyday, so, I get a cup of coffee (caffeine boost!), greet my colleagues, and get started with work. If I need help or get stuck with my project, I chat with the relevant colleague and get that sorted. I always make sure to have a break in between work hours. That's what a typical day looks like for me at SGS!


When did you know Smart Grid Engineering was for you?

Before coming to SGS, I hadn't worked with smart grids before! Over the past 6 months, I have gained more exposure to the projects and tasks and I have enjoyed every single challenge so far. I am getting to learn a lot about the renewables side of the industry which I have developed a real passion for. I am now realising that this is the right title for me!

Advice to someone thinking of starting a career in Smart Grid Engineering with SGS?

You are in the right place and have chosen the right career path. It's a challenging role with lots of growth and learning opportunities, but you will also be working with the best team that has a lot of patience and always supports you no matter what.

What do you do when you’re not working at SGS?

Outside of work I love cooking, music and enjoy the outdoors.


Has Nivvi's vision of a clean energy future inspired you to join the team at SGS? We are currently hiring Smart Grid Engineers based in Glasgow and in remote positions in the United States.