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Smarter Grid Solutions selected for Future Grid Challenge demonstration project

Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) today announced its ANM Strata distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) was awarded a contract to run a demonstration program as part of New York State Energy Research & Development Authority’s (NYSERDA) Future Grid Challenge.

Under the demonstration program, SGS will work with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and Borrego Solar to test how smart inverters can be integrated into Orange & Rockland Utilities’ advanced distribution management system (ADMS).

SGS’s was one of five winning teams announced under the first two rounds of NYSERDA’s Future Grid Challenge, which is aimed at developing solutions to integrate clean and renewable energy into the electric grid in support of Governor Cuomo’s nation-leading climate and clean energy goals.

Tim McDuffie, SGS Senior Business Development Engineer, said: “Many utilities are pushing forward in both grid-edge supporting technologies like smart inverters and higher-level supervisory and control networks using ADMS –we are using ANM Strata to fill the gap between smart inverters and ADMS.

“This project will begin with hardware in the loop (HIL) testing, which will allow for use cases and operating parameters to be analyzed in a controlled environment using actual equipment, like smart inverters and simulated energy storage systems.

“ANM Strata’s flexibility will allow it to be essentially ‘unplugged’ from the lab equipment and connected to field equipment as part of the field deployment stage of the project. This will allow for a maximum amount crossover between lab testing to field conditions and will allow for improved HIL testing methods in the future.”

He continued: “The advanced DERMS functionality to integrate, automate, and optimize the use of photovoltaic systems paired with energy storage through smart inverter control is an integral component in a clean energy transition. This project provides important steps forward in realizing the full benefits for utilities and energy asset owners.”

Michael Brigandi, Director of Grid Integration at Borrego Solar, said: “We are excited for the opportunity to be part of NYSERDA's Future Grid PON with SGS and Orange & Rockland Utilities. We believe that this and other similar projects will be instrumental in removing the current barriers that exist in the industry related to leveraging Smart Inverter Functionality and DERMS.

“We look forward to helping advance Smart Grid technology used by utilities which will increase DG hosting capacity and maintain safety and reliability for all service and DG customers connected to the grid."

Since 2016, NYSERDA’s Smart Grid program has awarded approximately $53 million under 69 contracts to grid technology companies and research organizations for projects including low-cost high-accuracy grid sensors, modeling and simulation tools, and advanced engineering solutions for more effective integration of renewable energy resources.


About SGS

Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) is a leading provider of distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) software with the company about to exceed 1.3GW of renewable generation, energy storage and flexible load under control through 2019. With offices in New York, Glasgow, and California, SGS is a global solutions provider to distribution utilities and distributed energy resource operators.

About ANM Strata

ANM Strata is Smarter Grid Solutions’ world-leading enterprise solution for utilities and renewable generation operators. With its unique real-time control platform it delivers sub-second, precise control of renewable and other energy assets across a wide area from a centralized location.

About ANM Element

ANM Element is Smarter Grid Solutions’ local control solution managing a smaller number of low carbon technologies in a local area in both local grid connection management and behind-the-meter operating modes. ANM Element can also integrate seamlessly into an ANM Strata system for wider asset control.