Media Comment - Energy strategy: Experts say grid tech is key to cutting bills and hitting net zero

In light of today's energy security strategy published by the UK Government, experts at Smarter Grid Solutions, a Glasgow-based grid technology provider, said that it underlines the need for quick solutions to get onshore renewables connected.

Smarter Grid Solutions also point to the significance of the government’s commitments to “ensure technologies that can balance the system are incentivized to deploy at scale” and to “work with Ofgem to speed up connections”. [1]

 In recent days energy providers such as Scottish Power and SSE have cited the time taken to get a grid connection as a major hurdle in developing clean power but Smarter Grid Solutions has produced analysis showing that by using Active Network Management technology, new onshore renewable developments can be accommodated on the grid faster and without costly upgrades. [2]

 Graham Ault, co-founder and Executive VP of Smarter Grid Solutions, said:

"This new strategy underlines the importance of getting more renewables onto the grid as soon as possible if we're to hit net zero and help bring down bills. Our research shows the technology exists to do exactly that. The government’s commitments to incentivise grid balancing technologies and to work with Ofgem to speed up connections are welcome.

“There have been concerns from developers that they can’t get connected to the grid as quickly as they would like, or that doing so requires costly upgrades. We know that costs can be headed off by using available technology and a now mature solution to make our electricity grid much more flexible and efficient.

"This issue is vital as everyone tries to minimise costs while keeping their eyes on the prize of net zero. The key point is that we have solutions at hand and the government should be held to their word on supporting the deployment of grid management technology at scale.”



[1] Image of government commitments on networks, storage and flexibility, tweeted by the BBC’s Business Editor:

[2] Summary recently produced showing how ANM technology has already saved £245million in capital expenditure by grid operators and energy developers at six locations around the UK:


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