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2021 Year in Review

2021 was a year that challenged us to rise to the next level. As a company, Smarter Grid Solutions continued to develop our product offerings from our flagship software ANM Strata into new solutions for distinct Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS) markets: Strata Grid product for Utility DERMS, Cirrus Flex product for Fleet DERMS and Virtual Power Plant, and Strata Resilience for Microgrids.  There were various challenges but also some amazing opportunities and openings and we share a few of our highlights from 2021 here.


Smarter Grid Solutions was appointed as DERMS software provider for the QUEST project  in partnership with Electricity Northwest in the UK. Not only does the project set out to save networks £250 million but it also marked a milestone for our company - SGS now supplies DERMS products to all six of the UK’s Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).


We responded to the growing demand for grid flexibility with the release of ANM Strata 3.1 (now Strata Grid). The product upgrade made it quicker and easier for utilities and DER asset and fleet operators to deliver flexibility services and non-wires alternatives.


We were delighted to see the second 1 MW battery in our Rev Demonstration project go live in City Island, NY (the first battery was installed last year in Staten Island). We are honoured to partner with Con Edison and GI Energy in bringing solar and storage to the New York electric grid.


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and its subsidiary Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc., acquired Smarter Grid Solutions. The news was greeted with enthusiasm by our customers and staff as we will now be able to scale up our contribution to tackling the climate emergency by helping more grid operators across the globe to connect more renewables to their networks and by helping energy developers and users to add more clean energy assets to their fleets.


In readiness for COP26 in November, we launched our own podcast as a contribution to the search for impactful solutions to the climate crisis: “The Smart Green Energy Transition”. It was excellent to speak with and hear the views of valued customers and stakeholders on their climate solutions, motivations and their organizations’ activities and programs.

We were also pleased to join the virtual Energy Networks Innovation Conference hosted by the Energy Networks Association in the UK. We featured in the tech showcase with our Flexibility Optimization & Dispatch solution, based on on our Strata Grid software and already in live operation with UK Power Networks.


In November, we welcomed delegates from around the world to our home city of Glasgow for the COP26 Summit. Along, with showcasing our technology and product credentials that facilitate our customer energy, carbon, and financial goals, we were pleased to share our goals and action plan for reducing our own carbon footprint as a business. 

UK-based, not-for-profit energy experts Regen conclude that the Active Network Management (ANM) project trial Smarter Grid Solutions delivered with its DERMS software in Dunbar, UK created jobs, stimulated economic growth, provided community benefit, and connected more renewables than would otherwise have been possible.

We are delighted to work with Low Carbon Hub in exploring avenues to empower local communities to make the most out of the green transition. As part of our LEO (Local Energy Oxfordshire) project, we are helping to monitor and manage the electricity generated and stored at the Rose Hill Primary School and pleased to be able to share the results so far.


Smarter Grid Solutions, in partnership with AVANGRID, has delivered a ground-breaking US grid integration project that has the potential to more than double wind and solar generation connections by using our software to maximize grid capacity. The Flexible Interconnect Capacity Solution (FICS) project has successfully connected three new 5 MW PV solar farms in Spencerport, NY to AVANGRID’s electricity network using the Strata Grid Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) platform.

2022 and Beyond

Smarter Grid Solutions’ mission is to deliver the software solutions that enable a decarbonized, decentralized and more democratic and participative energy system.

But we also want to be a model for low carbon operation at a company level.  After updating our carbon footprint estimate in 2021, we will be monitoring our progress in 2022 while embracing the measures required to move beyond 50% towards 100% reduction in our carbon.

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