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Smarter Grid Solutions successfully completes second phase of battery project

The project, which is funded by the Korea Battery Industry Association (KBIA), demonstrates the benefits of using hybrid energy storage systems to enhance the capacity of electricity grids and microgrids when electricity demand is low and generation is high. The project is supported by the University of Strathclyde’s Power Networks Demonstration Centre (PNDC), in Cumbernauld, Greater Glasgow.

The system is controlled by Smarter Grid Solutions’ Active Network Management (ANM) software products (ANM Strata and ANM Element) which are simultaneously controlling the battery and its connection to the grid whilst running a simulation of a 950kw wind-turbine using data from the company’s Orkney ANM System.

Graham Ault, Executive Vice President of Smarter Grid Solutions said, “This project shows how energy storage systems can be used as an effective extra layer in the energy mix in the UK and how batteries will be an important addition in the transition to a smarter, more flexible system”

Phase 3 will see the connection of a 1MWh hybrid battery to the grid. The hybrid battery benefits from using a lithium-ion portion of the battery making it immediately available in the support of quickly changing grid conditions. A secondary zinc-bromine portion of the battery charges and discharges at a slower rate thus making this hybrid battery more valuable over longer periods of time. The ANM system installed at the TUV Nel test site at East Kilbride will manage both the battery and wind turbines connections to the grid.

When the project is completed the system and hardware will be deployed to a community project in Scotland the details of which are yet to be confirmed by the project team. 


About SGS

Smarter Grid Solutions is a world-leading technology company formed in 2008 as a spin-out from the University of Strathclyde. Over nine years Smarter Grid Solutions has grown to a worldwide company with offices in Glasgow, London and New York and has enabled the grid connection and active management of over 250 MW of renewable generation.

About ANM Strata

ANM Strata is Smarter Grid Solutions’ world-leading enterprise solution for utilities and renewable generation operators. With its unique real-time control platform it delivers sub-second, precise control of renewable and other energy assets across a wide area from a centralised location.

About ANM Element

ANM Element is Smarter Grid Solutions’ local control solution managing a smaller number of low carbon technologies in a local area in both local grid connection management and behind-the-meter operating modes. ANM Element can also integrate seamlessly into an ANM Strata system for wider asset control.