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Smarter Grid Solutions Celebrates 10 Years of Success

Smarter Grid Solutions, a leading provider of distributed energy resource management software, is celebrating ten years in business. Over the past decade the Glasgow-based firm has successfully collaborated with over 30 customers to bring new leading solutions to market that enable efficient and reliable energy transition. 

The story of Smarter Grid Solutions started through close collaboration with SSE Networks and the electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) for the north of Scotland to identify ways to operate the grid more efficiently with high proportions of renewables.

Since then, Smarter Grid Solutions has grown into a globally recognised software vendor serving some of the world’s largest and most advanced utility companies across the UK, Europe, Canada and the USA.

Starting out with three founding entrepreneurs, Smarter Grid Solutions has grown to employ 65 highly skilled members of staff across its offices in Glasgow, New York, California and London.

The very first version of Smarter Grid Solutions’ technology was deployed by SSE Networks to help manage the extremely high penetration levels of wind energy on the Orkney Isles in 2009. With various upgrades and expansions, the Orkney system continues to operate and is widely acknowledged as the pre-cursor to flexible connections and services being offered by all UK DNOs today. Furthermore, it is currently being trialled in Germany, the USA and Canada.

Today, the company’s flagship product, ANM Strata, is an enterprise level software solution supporting multiple use cases and value propositions, all related to the cost efficient and reliable management of distributed energy resources on the grid.

Smarter Grid Solutions co-founder, Alan Gooding, said: “The journey from start-up to a global vendor of enterprise software has been exciting and rewarding. Over this time we have had the pleasure of working on several of the most ground-breaking and challenging projects in the sector. These projects have helped shape many of the solutions available today that are reducing the cost of energy to consumers. These achievements make us immensely proud. It is our close collaboration with customers across the world that has allowed us to transition from a project-led business to a product-led business, with a flexible product that is equally as valuable in California as it is in India or the Orkney Isles.”

To mark the special occasion, Smarter Grid Solutions are hosting a series of events in Glasgow and New York, including opening a new global R&D facility within these offices to accelerate the next generation of products. 


About SGS

Smarter Grid Solutions (SGS) is a leading provider of distributed resource management system (DERMS) software with over 300 MW of generation and load under real-time control. With offices in New York, Glasgow and London, SGS is a global solutions provider to distribution utilities, distribution network operators and distributed energy resource providers.