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Rachael Taljaard

Senior Consultant


Rachael Taljaard graduated with a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the Glasgow-based, University of Strathclyde, in 2015 where her focus was on flexible heat demand to increase penetration of renewable generation in distribution networks. She joined Smarter Grid Solutions as a Smart Grid Analyst and specialised in power systems analysis to support managed connections and the deployment of Active Network Management and is active in the UK renewable developer community.

Rachael is now an experienced Technical Consultant for Smarter Grid Solutions. She has worked with customers in North America and the United Kingdom, including Western Power Distribution, Avangrid, UK Power Networks and Southern Company and has helped in guiding the deployment of Active Network Management on electricity networks. Rachael is part of our global partners business and works in sharing her knowledge and experience of electricity networks and Active Network Management in India, South Africa, Australia and the Middle East.